Bridgnorth to Jackfield 23.4.10

Having got our assorted minor injuries out of the way we thought we could manage a reasonable walk so a fine spring morning found us on the southern part of the GW's Bridgnorth-Shrewsbury route. The tunnel immediately north of Bridgnorth isn't accessible and the next stretches are variously built upon and absorbed into a golf course. Once past the golf course however, most of the line is walkable until you reach Ironbridge Power Station.

Google Earth users may like to download this .kmz file showing the route of the line with the photo locations. An apology is due here - the photo captions are fine but some of the the placemarks are not particularly accurate (though they are in the right order and on the right stretch of line). I will make a note on our next walk that way, but for the mean time if you're keen enough to go and have a look, don't expect them to be exactly right!