Shrewsbury links 13.3.2010

I'd been interested by the long gone link between the GW/LNW joint Wellington-Shrewsbury line just east of Abbey Foregate Jn, and the Shropshire & Montgomeryshire near to Shrewsbury Abbey station. This was a relic of the plan to build a line from North Staffordshire to North Wales (the Potteries, Shrewsbury and North Wales Railway) which never quite made it to either end. While I wasn't looking, quite a bit of the alignment got made into a road, but I went to see what if anything remained. I got lost in the process, as will become apparent from the photos. It will teach me to use one of those map things a bit more carefully.

Google Earth users are welcome to download this KMZ file which shows the course of the link and the lines surrounding it to the south of Shrewsbury, and also the locations of the photographs - some of which are ever so slightly away from the 'Potts'...